Phantom 8 Has Arrived

Unmatched. Unrivalled. One of one.

Recently, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Edinburgh were graced by the presence of Phantom VIII. This is the signature Rolls-Royce; an enduring interpretation of the modern motor car. All new, Phantom features a twin-turbocharged V12, with 563bhp, and 900nm of torque. Together with the engine, the harmonious collaboration of rear-axle steering, active stabilisation and on-air suspension deliver a graceful, beautifully balanced drive.

Inside, enhanced with discreet technology, the tranquil Phantom Suite is the epitome of contemporary luxury – the Gallery delivers limitless opportunities to showcase the finest artistry and materials. Welcome to the pinnacle of personal expression – and the Phantom VIII Extended Wheelbase, finished here in the ‘Eden’ Specification, is an unparalleled expression of both luxury, and individuality.
Limitless possibilities await those who wish to explore Phantom. For more information on commissioning your interpretation of Phantom, please contact Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Edinburgh. Remember, Phantom is sculpted in your image, not for your image.